Group Training

Workshops & Retreats

  • Any workshop theme can be customize for day or overnight retreats. A few of the most popular themes are:
    • Teach Us How to Pray
    • Restore My Soul
    • The Religion of Jesus
    • Meditate Like Jesus

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Ministry & Meditation Basic Certification

  • Ideal for mental health professionals,  who work with faith based clients. 
  • ​Ideal for nurses and doctors, who want to learn practical approaches and techniques to reduce anxiety, establish rapport and facilitate recovery. 
  • ​Ideal for wellness practitioners, who work with faith based clients and would like to incorporate meditative techniques into wellness treatment.
  • Ideal for ministers lay and clergy, who want to deepen their personal spirituality and the worship experience of their spiritual community.
  • Ideal for anyone who wants to grow spiritually and deepen their life.

Group Meditation

This group is for anyone interested in centering prayer, Christian meditation, Lectio Divina, contemplation, early church spirituality, etc. Let's get together for activities such as group meditation, discussion of contemplative Christian texts, contemplative worship, or any other activity or practice emerging from the Christian contemplative tradition.