Individual Sessions

14 Day Challenge

Stuck in a rut? Need to reset and renew? The 14 day challenge is just for you. In just two weeks, you will be able to break old patterns and create new physical, emotional and spiritual rhythms for your life. In this program you will receive:

Personal consultation with Rev. Dr. Weaver,
Review of physical, mental, and spiritual routines,
Customized 14 day body, mind and spirit plan,
2 personal check ins by Rev. Dr. Weaver.

Contact us at: for information on pricing and scheduling of individual sessions.

Meditation & Weight Loss

Looking to shed those pounds? The key to your success starts with your mind. Where your mind goes your body will follow. In this three week Christian based meditation program, you will get the mental, emotional and spiritual tools you need to reach your weight loss goals. (3 Sessions) 

Overcoming Fear

Hypnosis has helped many people overcome numerous types of fears. No fear is too small or too big. Most clients notice positive changes after the first session (3 sessions)